Significant benefits in the health and well-being of our children have been realized through ICC’s partnership with the organization Versacare Inc. Through the VersaFund, Versacare Inc. provides grants to organizations who's mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged individuals. ICC has enjoyed a long-standing collaboration with VersaCare which has brought life-enhancing advancements to our children's villages and most importantly the lives of “His Kids.”

Versacare puts it this way; “It is the purpose of Versacare to serve humanity by engaging in activities that will further the kingdom of God and restore the 'Image of God' in man. Based on Biblical principles, we understand the ‘Image of God’ to include human health, fulfillment and the search for knowledge.”

Projects funded by Versacare have been completed at our children’s villages in The Dominican Republic, Guatemala and El Salvador. Versacare has also provided grants for specific needs at these children’s villages as well. There are projects funded by Versacare currently underway at other ICC campuses. Here is a list of some of the improvements we have seen because of Versacare’s generosity.

The Dominican Republic — Las Palmas

  • A water purification and delivery system;
  • An electrical power delivery system;
  • A multi-purpose room for the school;
  • Additions and improvements to our school buildings;
  • Musical instruments for the orchestra.

Guatemala — Los Pinos

  • Repairs to our on-campus roads;
  • A new home for staff members;
  • Remodeling and additions to the children's homes;
  • Improvements to the septic systems;
  • Additions to the chicken farm;
  • Upgrades to the warehouse.

El Salvador — Hogar Escuela Adventista

  • A security wall that surrounds the campus;
  • Re-roofing of the homes and gymnasium;
  • Repairs to the interior ceilings of some homes;
  • An electrical power distribution system.

As you can see, ICC’s partnership with Versacare has provided numerous improvements to the lives and well-being of our children and the staff members who care for them. The incalculable positive effects on the lives of our children from this collaboration between Versacare and ICC are being seen not only now but will be felt well into the future.

On behalf of “His Kids” and all of our supporters, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Versacare for their invaluable participation in this ministry.