Partnership Organizations

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We here at ICC have been privileged to work in partnership with the organization VersaCare. Their passion for improving the lives of disadvantaged children has developed into a team effort that gives us a greater reach in saving orphaned children.

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Dr. Barry Wecker was instrumental in bringing the needs of the Congo orphans to ICC's attention. PROLASA Canada's partner is PROLASA Congo whose mission it is to conduct medical evangelism work. PROLASA Canada supports PROLASA Congo in this initiative while ICC oversees the operation of the Patmos Children's Village.

PROLASA also serves as a receiver of funding for ICC in Canada and transfers those funds as designated by ICC. If Canadian donors wish to receive a donation receipt for tax purposes for their donations to ICC, they can do this by sending funds to ICC through PROLASA Canada. The donor must put PROLASA Canada in the "Pay to the order" line and place "For ICC" on the memo line.

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Educational Foundation for Children's Care, Inc.

Educational Foundation for Children's Care, Inc (EFCCI) is a non-profit, tax exempt, public, educational organization incorporated in the State of Florida in 2003. EFCCI founders were interested in establishing a work for orphaned and abandoned children in Jamaica using the model of care implemented by ICC. As such, EFCCI negotiated with ICC to establish a children's village in Jamaica as a franchise entity. The plan is for ICC to supervise the development of the project and care of the children. EFCCI is responsible for operational and capital funding.

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