Missions for Kids: Send an Orphan to School

What does it cost to fill up a backpack? To purchase a uniform? To send a child to school? The financial cost is nothing compared to the blessing of education for orphans. To help send orphans to school, classrooms are invited to fundraise the cost to help make this happen. This includes backpacks, supplies, pairs of shoes, and uniforms. You can even determine how many children you would like to help as part of your classroom’s fundraising goal.

It's easy to sign up!

  1. 1. Click this link, or text “Backpack” to 41444
  2. 2. Complete the registration form

On the form there are five options that your classroom can pledge to fundraise.

Option 1: Backpack = $20
Option 2: Backpack + School Supplies = $45
Option 3: Backpack + School Supplies + Uniform = $75
Option 4: Backpack + School Supplies + Uniform + Shoes = $100
Option 5: Send an orphan to school! Backpack + School Supplies + 2 Uniforms + 2 Pairs of Shoes = $150

After you pick an option, you decide how many orphans your classroom can support. Your gifts and pledges go a long way to pay for children’s education!

Whether your classroom is small or large, you can make a daily difference in the lives of orphans when you support or participate in these “Missions for Kids.”

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