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A Season and a Reason to Give Thanks
Thank you for helping supply food, shelter and much more for “His Kids!”

This Thanksgiving season, ICC children around the world have much for which to be grateful. Through the generosity of donors like you, they have nourishing food. They have a safe, comfortable home in which to live. They have the love and nurturing care they need. And they are able to go to school.

This stands in stark contrast to their lives before arriving at an ICC children’s village…

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Help The Kids Have A Merry Christmas!
With Christmas just a few weeks away, you may be thinking you would like to do something for the child, or children, you sponsor.

There is a way for sponsors who wish to give gifts at Christmas. ICC has a Gift Fund for each of the children’s villages. You may donate any amount to this fund. The fund is used to purchase gifts for all the children and to provide a special Christmas meal…

Give the children a wonderful Christmas! >

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Sharon is Blessing Students in India
Two beautiful little girls were brought to us by their father. They had lost their mother, and their father could not care for them as he needed to work.

These two little girls each came to us with a bag of clothes and photos of their mother in their hands. They were still grieving for their mother and held on to these precious photos…

Because of you their lives changed! Read how >

A photo of Rick Fleck with a one of ICC's kids at their high school graduation

Q & A with Rick Fleck, ICC President
Your support of ICC’s children continues having a life-long effect upon them. In the part two of an interview with ICC President, Rick Fleck, you’ll find a more in-depth perspective of the work being done on behalf of the children.

Q: How would you describe the “Finishing Touch” for an ICC child, and why is it so important?

Read part two of Rick’s answers >

A photo two members of the Las Palmas Pathfinders club

Pathfinder Uniforms Needed!
YOU have the opportunity to provide a big blessing for children at the Las Palmas children’s village right now. They need Pathfinder uniforms! For $30 you can help purchase material so that a child can have their very own dress uniform.

Get the details about the the uniforms >

Give your gift right now! >

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$1 donated = up to $5 worth of supplies!
The children of Las Palmas in the Dominican Republic need important supplies. While we’ve been promoting a container shipment and gathering supplies, unfortunately we’ve not yet received all the needed items. We’ve delayed the container a little while longer in the hope that you—or someone you know—may be able to help.

Visit the ICC website to download the current list of needed supplies. We also need funds to cover the costs of shipping the container to Las Palmas. It’s great way to get a big return on your investment because $1 donated can send up to $5 in supplies.

You may ship the items to, or drop them by the ICC office, at 2711 NE 134th Way, Vancouver, WA 98686. If you prefer sending in a donation to help purchase an item or items please designate your gift with the item’s name and “Las Palmas Shipment.” Thank you very much for helping send these supplies to the kids!

For more information, please contact Doug Congleton at ICC either by phone or email.


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A Legacy Of Love
–Providing for the Future through planned giving–

You will leave a lasting legacy in the life of an orphan child by including ICC in your will or trust.

For more information, please contact Doug Congleton at ICC either by phone or email.


ICC Logo None of this work would be possible without those who have committed their efforts to saving and changing the lives of “His Kids.” The children of ICC want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts for making a difference in their lives.

Occasionally when we call for funds for a specific need we receive more in donations than we requested. In those instances when we have received more money than we solicited, those funds will be placed in “Alcyon’s Angel Fund.”

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Watch ICC Videos On Our Website
You may now view a number of ICC's videos on our website. So please take a few minutes and watch one, or several, of our videos!

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ICC Engages In Social Media
We would really appreciate your ‘Liking’ our Facebook page. The following link will open ICC’s Facebook page in your web browser.

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