From Street Beggar To College Professor! Education Saves Lives. Read the story…
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September 2016

Limited time to have your gift doubled!

Matching Grant—Limited Time!
Education is critical for a child who has been orphaned. Education provides a pathway out of poverty. Even in developing countries it’s costly providing an Adventist education. And now that your gift will be matched, any gift you give until October 15 will become a DOUBLE BLESSING!

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From Street Beggar To Professor
“I never ate fresh food on a clean plate.”

That is what Timothy said on his way to the Sweet Home Children’s Village in India. But today Timothy is teaching as a college professor—thanks to your support!

Timothy’s story is an amazing example of how you can dramatically change the life of a child.

Read how Timothy’s life was changed >

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A Letter Of Gratitude For Your Support
My name is Désiré and I have the privilege of being the administrator of the ICC Congo Children’s Village. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help for these children that were are caring for here in Africa. These kids have no other hope in life, but you have given them hope…

Read Désiré’s letter of gratitude >

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One Donor’s Sacrifice and Blessing
“We all know that the work of professional people in North America significantly impacts our lives. But a professional in Africa has the potential for far greater influence… but also for their community and country.

“Although a university education in an African country is not as expensive as in North America, it is not cheap… I am convinced every ICC student that is sponsored will be a power for good to the honor and glory of God.”

Read this donor’s story and appeal >

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A Legacy Of Love
–Providing for the Future through planned giving–

You will leave a lasting legacy in the life of an orphan child by including ICC in your will or trust.

For more information, please contact Doug Congleton at ICC either by phone or email.


ICC Logo None of this work would be possible without those who have committed their efforts to saving and changing the lives of “His Kids.” The children of ICC want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts for making a difference in their lives.

Occasionally when we call for funds for a specific need we receive more in donations than we requested. In those instances when we have received more money than we solicited, those funds will be placed in “Alcyon’s Angel Fund.”

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Watch ICC Videos On Our Website
You may now view a number of ICC's videos on our website. So please take a few minutes and watch one, or several, of our videos!

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ICC Engages In Social Media
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