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A Big “Thank You” From The Kids!

Editor’s Note: ICC children appreciate what you have done for them. These excerpts from thank you letters from ICC children will warm your heart. THANK YOU!

photo of Teresa.“Thank you for everything that I received when I needed it most. You gave me a place that became my home. Thank-you with all my heart, because in my home at Los Pinos I had the privilege to know the Giver of life. He started to transform my character.

“As the years passed I grew up full of mischief and happy moments. And now I have finished my studies. I’m thankful to God and to you for what you have done.” Teresa



photo of Karla“Thanks. With God’s help I was able to accomplish my dream of becoming a teacher. But my dream is not going to stop there with one degree. I will continue studying to become an Attorney at Law.

“I want to thank you for every detail you did during my childhood and youth. I want to thank you from my heart for all the help you provided me. I’m grateful for your support and love.” Karla



photo of Olga“I wanted to thank you for bringing me here to this home. It was a blessing that I could not imagine. Everything that I received was with the purpose of helping me every time that I needed it.”

“Thanks for your help and for giving me your support. I have no idea how I’m going to pay you for what you have done for me, but there is a Person that I know is going to reward you all when He comes back. He is going to thank you all.” Olga


photo of Guadalupe“Through this letter I want to give you thanks for accepting me into this home. Thanks, because many times I did not deserve to be here because of my behavior. You showed me patience. I have gotten to know God, and this is the greatest thing on this earth.

“Thanks for your love and support and for providing a place like this to prepare young people like us.” Guadalupe


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