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Idjwi Island Water Quandary
Lack of clean water creates many difficulties

Did you know that for the cost of a soft drink at your local restaurant, you can help provide safe drinking water for the children who are living on Idjwi Island at the Patmos Children’s Village? For less than $2.50 per child, you can supply clean water for the children—as well as thousands of other folks in the surrounding area. What a blessing you can be!

The DR Congo has been ruined by civil war, poverty and the lack of essential services such as adequate medical care and drinking water. That’s why there are so many orphaned and abandoned children who desperately need you. You helped provide funding for a hydro-electric project recently that will soon be supplying electric power for the children.

But the other major problem the children face is an insufficient supply of clean drinking water. Clean water sources are miles away and Lake Kivu is contaminated.

some of the kids from Sweet Home doing their homeworkCurrently water must be carried from a long distance and boiled to be safe to drink. And as you can imagine, when small children are thirsty they just may take a drink from whatever source of water is nearby—including the contaminated lake! That’s a huge risk of diseases like cholera and Typhoid fever.

We are now working to create a clean water system that provides clean, disease-free drinking water for our children and for the needs of our neighbors. (We’re called to love our neighbors, are we not?)

$2.50 will provide clean water for one child—please help one child today!

July’s Opportunity #3 —Clean Water

You can provide clean water for not only the children but their neighbors also. Each $2.50 you contribute helps a child or neighbor and brings Idjwi Island that much closer to having clean, disease-free water. Send in your gift today. Thank you!

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