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Three Children Rescued! Thanks to YOU!

photo showing Alcyon holding MariaYou help make it possible for children like little 18 month-old Renata and her four-year old twin brothers, Tomas and Diego, to be rescued. What a blessing you are to these children who were malnourished and in need of medical care. Here’s their story.

The children’s mother is an orphan herself. Furthermore, she has no husband, and the fathers of the children have rejected them. Their mother has tried to work. But that means she had to pay someone to care for the children while she was gone. As you can imagine, she didn’t make enough money to pay the baby-sitter and provide for the children’s basic needs.

In a loving and devoted act for her children she recently appealed to the children’s court for someone to take her children. They were malnourished, and little Tomas had hives. His mother didn’t have money to pay for medicine. Tomas is so small that he didn’t understand what was making him itch so bad. Repeatedly he scratched himself without thinking.

It’s fortunate for these three children that you and people like you have a loving heart for them. Also your capacity to put that love into action in practical ways. Again, it’s because you care and support this ministry that children like this are being rescued from desperate conditions and are carefully nurtured on a path of recovery to full health.

It’s because of your support that we have resources to help in times of crisis. Thanks to you Tomas, Diego and Renata have found a safe haven within the ICC family at the Las Palmas children’s village.

While their immediate needs are being taken care of for now, within the next 30 days the children need caring individuals like you to step in and help provide for their monthly support when the gap funds are depleted.

Please see below the special opportunity that you have today to be a blessing to one of these siblings or another child in need.

July’s Opportunity #1 — Sponsor a Child

For as little as $1 a day, YOU can help to sustain the life of a child. Your monthly donation of $30 helps to provide the nurturing care, food, shelter, and medicines that children like Tomas, Diego and Renata need in order to grow and develop.

When you sponsor one or more of these children you will experience the joy of sustaining the life of a child who desperately needs you at this time in his or her life. Contact Alanna at 800-422-7729 to sponsor a child today! Thank you.

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