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June 2016

A photo of Anselmo

Safe Home Provided for Anselmo
Anselmo was sent him out to the streets each day to sell candy and other sweets. If he did not sell everything, he was beaten once he returned home. Anselmo was also sent out at night to run errands for the couple. He was treated as a servant—or worse!

One night, Anselmo, was so distraught that he asked for some help from a kind lady who had befriended him

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You Obviously Have A Heart For Children
Time and again you have demonstrated your care and concern for orphans like him. Once again, we are confident that you will help to provide for Anselmo and several other children who have recently joined the ICC family.

One way you can help even more is by having your gift doubled as part of the matching grant program now available through June 30. Click the link and make your gift today! On behalf of the children who need you so much, thank you!

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A photo of Alex and his house-mother Jacqueline

You Didn’t Let Alex Go!
During Alex’s time in university he worked for an electric company. At first, he had a good boss that was kind to him and allowed Alex to have his Saturday’s off, because this was the day he worshipped God.

In time, a new boss took over, and he refused to let Alex have Saturday’s off for worship. Furthermore, one of Alex’s responsibilities was to keep track of expenses. This new boss asked him to cheat. What would he do next?…

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A photo of Samuel who died in violent storm on Lake Kivu in the DR Congo

Tragedy On Lake Kivu
Samuel was returning to the children’s village on a boat delivering food and construction materials. He was also delivering the staff payroll. About 3:00 in the afternoon, a severe wind storm struck Lake Kivu.

The boat’s propeller broke and the captain lost control. Somehow in the storm, Samuel fell overboard. Although Samuel was wearing a life jacket, the storm was so fierce that no one could save him. The captain jumped in to try to save him and nearly lost his own life…

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A photo of some of the kids from the Sweet Home Children's Village in India

News From Your ICC Family
For nearly 20 years, thanks in large part to you, Sweet Home has been just that, a “sweet home” for orphan children. You’ve helped hundreds of children to cast off the stigma of being abandoned, outcast, neglected and destitute.

Your support has provided them with the loving care and guidance they’ve needed to prepare themselves to be successful in this life and to prepare for eternal life.

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A Legacy Of Love
–Providing for the Future through planned giving–

You will leave a lasting legacy in the life of an orphan child by including ICC in your will or trust.

For more information, please contact Doug Congleton at ICC either by phone or email.


ICC Logo None of this work would be possible without those who have committed their efforts to saving and changing the lives of “His Kids.” The children of ICC want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts for making a difference in their lives.

Occasionally when we call for funds for a specific need we receive more in donations than we requested. In those instances when we have received more money than we solicited, those funds will be placed in “Alcyon’s Angel Fund.”

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