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You’ve Helped to Make it a “Sweet Home”

For many years, Lilly Kaligithi has been doing what you’ve been doing—caring for orphan children. In 1996 Lilly left her home in Sweet Home, Oregon and returned to her homeland of India where she began caring for orphan children right in the very home in which she was raised! Lilly called this refuge for orphan children “Sweet Home.”

It didn’t take long before Lilly realized she needed help. There were so many children in need of care and she realized that she couldn’t do this work alone. She needed YOU! She knew her ICC family had a huge heart for children, and ever since you’ve been helping to provide financial and emotional support that the children need to have a stable home environment.

some of the kids from Sweet Home doing their homeworkFor nearly 20 years, thanks in large part to you, Sweet Home has been just that, a “sweet home” for orphan children. You’ve helped hundreds of children to cast off the stigma of being abandoned, outcast, neglected and destitute.

Your support has provided them with the loving care and guidance they’ve needed to prepare themselves to be successful in this life and to prepare for eternal life.

At a recent ceremony in Delhi, India, Lilly received a special award and recognition for her humanitarian efforts on behalf of orphan children. She humbly accepted the recognition aware of what you have done. Sharing the experience later, she had this to say:

“Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to serve many more children than what I would have done just by myself. This is a fulfillment of many years of my heart’s desire.”

Please join us in recognizing Lilly’s love and dedication for orphan children. What she has done and continues to do for them is truly remarkable.

Along with Lilly, we also recognize what she recognizes. She couldn’t serve the children without you. After all, it’s your ongoing support that provides the life blood that gives orphan children a real opportunity to have a better life. They can experience the blessings of a “sweet home” because you care and share. Thank you!

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