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Matching Grant — Double Your Donation
The deadline is June 30!

Dear Friends; The “summer slump” is coming. Every child and staff member in the children’s villages knows the summer slump all too well.

It means hunger, belt-tightening, stretching what little they have, and sometimes doing without necessities during the summer months. It happens because our fundraising income drops every summer.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your gift today will help stop the summer slump by providing the food and necessities the children and staff need. And I have wonderful news to report! A special matching grant has been announced to help the kids make it through this summer.

Every gift you give in response to this letter—before June 30—will be doubled, dollar for dollar, to help the kids this summer. As you can imagine, “summer slump” is not a phrase that means good things to the children.

“Doing without” and “stretching what they have” sometimes means that even food supplies need to stretch further than normal. It means that the budgets for all of the needs in the projects sometimes take longer to arrive. But you have the power to change this situation for the kids this summer.

You can turn this difficult time into an example of how God provides for all of His children. So I’m asking you; will you please give something extra right now to eliminate the “summer slump” for the children?

And may I remind you; every gift you give in response to this letter, up to $40,000 by June 30, will be DOUBLED by matching funds. I can promise you that 100% of your gifts will help to ward off a summer of hunger, belt-tightening and “doing without.”

And remember, because of a generous gift that covers ICC’s overhead costs for the year, every dollar you send goes directly to help the children. Your gifts will also be stretched to the max for the children’s needs, I can assure you of that as well.

Please send help today. During the summer slump, the kid’s health can really suffer. These children have been placed in our care — yours and mine — and we need to make sure that they are provided for with all of their needs, especially with wholesome and nutritious meals.

The time is now to provide this special support to the children. And here’s how to think about your special gift; the cost to provide one week of meals to a precious child is just $12.75. How many weeks of meals will you provide a child this summer? Perhaps five weeks worth of food with a gift of $63.75? Or an especially generous gift of $127.50 to provide ten week’s of food?

Whatever you send will be doubled!

Jesus tells us to “Take care of the orphans…” He has entrusted the care of these children to all of us, and He is counting on each one of us to answer His call for them.

Please help eliminate the summer slump for the kids by sending in a gift today to be doubled.

God bless you as you prayerfully consider my request.

Doug Congleton
Executive Director

P.S. The deadline is June 30! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to provide an even bigger blessing for the children.

To ensure that it is doubled, please send your gift today.

Thank you!

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A special matching grant has just been announced! Every dollar you give will be doubled.