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Because of You, A New Beginning!

We are happy to announce that two of ICC’s children, Teresa and Rafael, were recently married in a lovely ceremony at the Fuente de Vida children’s village in Nicaragua. We’re sharing this update with you because we know the lives of ICC children matter to you. And it’s because of your faithful and ongoing support that this story of a “new beginning” is possible!

Rafael is the son of the campus administrators, Felix and Angelica. Teresa is one of our older girls. Teresa came to the children’s village with her sister and brother when she was nine year’s old. The children’s father was an alcoholic who mistreated Teresa and her siblings. He never cared for them. When Teresa’s mother died of cancer the children were completely abandoned.

Teresa and her siblings were eventually brought to Fuente de Vida. Through the support of generous sponsors and donors like you, Teresa was able to rise above the pain and uncertainty of her life before coming to ICC.

Rafael and Teresa grew up together there at the children’s village. They were friends but didn’t appear to have any romantic inclination. Rafael’s job took him away from the children’s village and he pursued a career in community development.

Two years ago, when Teresa was 21 years old, she earned her degree in business administration. She was filled with gratitude for all that the ICC family had done for her and shared her thoughts in a letter. Here’s an excerpt:

“Thanks so much for your great effort. You have truly changed lives around the world. I feel very thankful to have been one of those lives. I can enjoy a better life with better opportunities in life.”

No doubt, Teresa could not have imagined what opportunity lay ahead of her for another “new beginning” when she returned to the Fuente de Vida Children’s Village to work. She was given the responsibility to serve as the assistant to the administrator.

In time she renewed her friendship with Rafael who, at the time, was spending more time on the campus. They enjoyed talking together very much. This lead to dating and courtship. Then on January 10 of this year, Teresa and Rafael were married at the Fuente de Vida children’s village.

For Teresa and Rafael, true love grew out of a bound of friendship that had begun many years before. Fuente de Vida means “Fountain of Life.” What a wonderful fountain of life this happy couple continues to enjoy.

In addition to life-saving care and shelter, you make “new beginnings” like this possible with your support of the children. Thank you for the incredible impact you have on their lives!

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