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News On The New Kids In Guatemala
Thanks for all you’ve done for them!

photo showing Alcyon holding MariaEditor’s Note: Thanks to your care and support, several new children have been welcomed into the Los Pinos children’s village in Guatemala!

Four of the children were in the February 2016 Que Pasa. These four children came to Los Pinos before Christmas. What a wonderful time of year to “make room for a child!”

Here is an update on these children directly from the children’s village:

Update: The children are very happy to be here since day one. We can see it in their faces and in their big smiles. The four of them are well adapted to their home. They love the food.

The girls were amazed that they have light during the night in their room. They were very excited with their “new” clothes and shoes. Luis was a little scared at first but now he looks happy and more confident.

The children started school just a few days ago, and they’re very excited to be in school. For Christmas they were so happy. I can’t even express in words their happy and bright faces during the celebration and of course with their gifts. The girls had a set of toy dishes and Luis had a big dump truck.

Thanks for all you’ve done to help give these children a new life! This has been a miraculous transformation for them, thanks to you!

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