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Hydroelectric Power For Patmos

photo of Paul who lives at the Patmos Children’s Village. Patmos does not have electricity. You can help by giving just $34 towards a new hydroelectric plant for PatmosPaul is the young boy you see in the picture. He and the other children at the Patmos Children’s Village live without electricity. When the sun sets and darkness settles over the campus, Paul’s house also becomes dark.

With only candle light with which to see (if candles are available), it is difficult for Paul to complete his chores and homework.

Walking about the campus after dark also creates hazards and concerns for his and the other children’s safety.

No electricity means no refrigeration. Fresh food quickly goes bad. This means Paul may become sick and it is a waste of limited resources. No electricity means no computers at the school. This affects Paul’s ability to learn and to grow to his full potential.

But, you can provide electricity to Paul and the other children! The Patmos administrator has found a way to bring electricity to the children’s village. He has found a suitable source of water that, channeled into a small turbine, can produce hydroelectric power for the children’s village.

But the children need your help to make this happen! We’ve calculated the expense and found a donation of just $34 can provide electricity for Paul! For less than the cost of your monthly power bill, you can provide Paul will electricity — for the first time ever — and for years to come!

Electrical power would mean so much for Paul. After sunset, he could turn on a light and complete his chores and homework. And just think of the cost savings of being able to refrigerate food. At school, Paul would have access to a computer and a wide world of learning possibilities.

Your gift of $34 will help bring power to Paul and the other children at the Patmos village. Let’s not hold Paul and the other children in the dark any longer. Please give a gift today that will turn on the power in their lives!

Thank you for all you continue to do for “His Kids!”

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