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You Can Adopt An ‘Orphan Doll.’
And Help Fix The Patmos Water System

photo showing Alcyon holding MariaHere’s a unique and even symbolic opportunity for you to provide much needed help to orphan children in the DR Congo.

Jean Parchment has crafted the dolls (like the one pictured here) for the benefit of the children in the Patmos Island Children’s Village.

For a minimum donation of $400, you can “adopt” an orphan doll. The dolls are worth much more than that.

We encourage you to donate more than the minimum because the proceeds from each “adoption” will improve the Patmos Island’s potable water system.

You’ll love having the doll in your home, and knowing that your “adoption” is helping ICC kids!

Jean creates “Reborn Dolls” by taking a manufactured vinyl doll and transforming it to resemble a human baby. She spends up to 100 hours creating a doll with as much realism as possible. This includes placing each strand of hair by hand. You will be amazed at how life-like these dolls are!

Along with being an artist, Jean is also an enthusiastic supporter of ICC’s children. She is using her artistry to provide support for them in a unique way. You also can make a tremendous impact on the life of a child by “adopting” a Reborn Doll today!

For more details contact the ICC office at (800) 422–7729. You can also find out more about the dolls and doll choices on Jean’s website:

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