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$27 Helps Provide Medical Care
And A Welcome Kit For New Arrivals

photo showing Alcyon holding MariaWhen orphans like Luciana arrive at the doorstep of one of our homes, their needs are great and they don't have anything to call their own.

They are frightened and insecure and are usually very hungry. They may not have eaten nourishing food for a number of days.

Many are weak and sick and show signs of mistreatment and neglect. They have little or nothing of their own except the clothes on their backs, and those clothes are often better suited for the rag bin.

These children are in desperate need of everything you would give your own child: nourishing food, a bath, clean clothes and bedding, a visit to the doctor, medicine.

Orphan children like Luciana need you especially when they first arrive. Here is something tangible you can do for them. Your gift of $27 helps to provide medical care and a welcome kit for a newly arrived orphan. This ensures the child will receive the essential care needed in those first few critical hours.

This may include such things as a trip to the doctor and any needed medicine or treatment. Your gift may also cover the cost of a new outfit, shoes or a warm blanket in which they can snuggle. Your gift to welcome an orphan child will do much to make a child feel safe and secure—maybe for the first time in their life!

Each child will arrive with almost nothing—but with a gift right now—you can provide what a child needs for their first day and night. Make this a turning point in a child's life.

Welcoming an orphan child is something that ICC does very well. It's what we do. But it’s your partnership that enables us to make it a warm welcome for an orphan during a very traumatic time in his or her life. Thank you for all you do for the children!

P.S. And don't forget—ICC's overhead costs have been covered for 2016. This means that your entire gift will benefit the children!

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