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Please help Wilfredo for just $1 a day
Make it a “Happy New Year” for an Orphan!

photo showing Alcyon holding MariaAs 2016 begins we take a collective deep breath and prepare for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. While there is much uncertainty in this world, we do serve a loving Father who is faithfully looking after His own.

The need for orphan care continues to grow as wars, disease and social problems threaten the lives of innocent children. We receive many urgent calls to help orphans, but we don't have the budget to help all of them. With your help, we can and will provide care for some of them. Here's just one example.

This little fella is Wilfredo. He knows very well what it means to be alone. His father was not a part of his life and his mother tried to make ends meet on her own. Wilfredo had no other family members who could look after him while his mother was working. The only option she found for his care was to rent a room and leave him by himself in that room all day.

You can imagine how this made him feel — scared, lonely, bored. Wilfredo would often leave that solitary room and wander the streets during the day returning after dark. Fearing for his safety and having no other options, Wilfredo's mother came to our children's village to ask us to take him in.

You can help be the solution for Wilfredo or a child like him. Do you realize that for as little as a dollar a day you can help to provide a home and a loving family for Wilfredo or another child like him?

That’s right. YOUR monthly donation or sponsorship provides the nurturing care Wilfredo needs for now and in the future. He will have a mom and a dad. He will have brothers and sisters. He will not be alone anymore.

As this new year begins, please renew your support of Wilfredo and children like him by sending a gift today. You can use the included coupon to tell us how you wish to help.

In His Service;

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