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Lilian—Mother to 44 & More—Because of You!

photo showing Alcyon holding MariaYou may have wished to be the one providing care for the orphan children in an ICC village. The following story from El Salvador will give you a glimpse of what it's like to be a house mother.

Lilian, affectionately known as "Mami Lilian," has given her life in service for children in El Salvador. She couldn't have done this work alone. You stand with her as you faithfully support the children with your monthly gifts.

Mami Lilian and her husband, Julio, began working at the children's village in El Salvador many years ago. She was very worried when they assigned 22 kids to her, ages four to thirteen. As you might understand, it took about three months for things to start running smoothly.

At night Mami Lilian, Papi Julio and the house aunt divided up the kids and prayed with and for them and told them Bible stories. There were many times that Mami Lilian felt overwhelmed and thought they should quit. Now almost 17 years have passed and both can say that their lives are not the same. The blessings of this work have met their expectations.

In 2001, the house they lived in was expanded. After the addition was complete, 44 children were assigned to Mami Lilian and Papi Julio. There were little boys and girls and teenagers. It became more difficult to give attention to each of them. One of the most challenging things for Mami Lilian was dealing with so many different personalities and behaviors. She was having to deal with the conflicts of 44 children!

Although not every child in her care took advantage of the opportunities they were given, Mami Lilian is pleased to see many of them living their own lives, in their own homes, with husbands or wives and children. She says she is a grandma now! Some are professionals, and sometimes they come and visit. She loves to see those still at home going to university preparing to be good men and women.

ICC now administers the El Salvador project. All but one of the children living in her home are ones she has watched grow up. God has shown Mami Lilian and Papi Julio a lot. They have learned to love every girl and boy as if they were their own. They guide them in their spiritual lives, discipline them, love them and give them a home in which to change their lives.

When Mami Lilian and Papi Julio came to the children's village they had two boys of their own. Their third son was born not long after. He has grown up just like the other kids. For him it's been a normal life. This is his home and he loves each of the other kids as his own brothers and sisters. He is now 11 years old. Mami Lilian says; "This is his world." And she adds; "This is our world."

You play a critical role in the lives of El Salvador's kids because of your support.

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