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The Value of Your Gift

A Special Note From Doug

A lady who I'll call Sarah recently told me; “I know my monthly gift of $30 for sponsorship is not much at all, but it is the best I can do. I just wish it was more.”

Every time I hear these words, I get a lump in my throat because it tells me that people do not realize the immense results of their compassionate gifts to the children.

“Sarah,” I said in reply, “There are children today who are on the street trying to survive, some are digging for food in the local city dump site for a meal. Sadly, some are dying in the circumstances into which they were thrown. Today, those children that were fortunate enough to come to an ICC children's village have three meals per day.

“Let me tell you what $30 does! Kids receive an education that provides hope for their futures, and they are learning of the gift of salvation in Jesus. There are others who are now grown and are responsible moms and dads that are sharing the knowledge of Jesus to others.

“ALL these things are happening because you gave gifts to help children in need.” I ended by saying; “Now let me ask you, how much is your $30 per month really worth?”

Right now you and I have the opportunity to give an additional $30, or whatever we are compelled by God to give. And whatever amount you give—$30, $100, $1,000, whatever it is—will be doubled automatically. This will make a “double-the-difference affect” in the lives of these orphaned and abandoned children. What an amazing opportunity for you to take part in today! Your gift is worth FAR more than just the dollar value, I promise you that.

Thank you for giving to the children today.

Doug Congleton
Executive Director ICC

P.S. Please make your donation today. Designate it as a “matching gift donation” and your gift will be doubled so you can help even more children! You are a blessing to the children!

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