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2014 Matching Grant Results

Your previously-doubled donations made a tremendous impact by providing for the care and support of many orphan children. Here are two powerful examples how your gift made a real difference in the life of a child!

Valencia — Los Pinos Children's Village

Valencia's life was completely transformed by your support. Valencia came to the Los Pinos receiving center in 1998. Her mother had been in and out of jail and was not providing proper care for little Valencia. There was no information available about her father, and no family members visited Valencia during her stay in the receiving center. Eventually she was declared abandoned by the Guatemalan government.

In 2002 Valencia became part of one of the families at the Los Pinos Children's Village. She grew up in the children's village and attended the elementary school where she was a good student. In time, Valencia moved on to the ICAP secondary school which is located next to the children's village.

In November of 2014, Valencia graduated from ICAP with a certificate in accounting. She is living with an Adventist family who owns a business and is helping them.

Valencia is one of nine children from Los Pinos who graduated from the ICAP secondary school last year. On average, the cost of education for a child at Los Pinos is a little over $130 per month. Valencia was able to complete her education and graduate with the help of donors who gave gifts that doubled to help her last year!

Rosanna — Las Palmas Children's Village

Rosanna also needed the love and care that your gifts provided. In 1994 Rosanna and her brother became part of the ICC family in the Las Palmas Children's Village in the Dominican Republic.

In 1993 her mother abandoned the family. Rosanna's father suffered from heart problems and nervousness. He tried to take care of the children, but his health deteriorated further. Eventually he decided he could no longer provide the care they needed so he brought Rosanna and her brother to Las Palmas.

Rosanna flourished within the loving care of her Las Palmas family. She completed elementary and secondary school on the Las Palmas campus and recently obtained a college degree in modern languages. She is now able to venture beyond the nurturing environment of the Las Palmas campus and live a life of independence—thanks to you! Your gifts that doubled last year helped put the finishing touch on Rosanna's education. You have helped her realize her dream!

Along with Rosanna, five other Las Palmas children graduated from university during the last year. The average cost of education for a child at Las Palmas is about $116 per month. Rosanna and the other graduates needed the help of donors like you whose gifts were matched last year. The sense of accomplishment these kids feel now is positive evidence that your support has made a huge impact in their lives.

On behalf of Valencia and Rosanna and all the other children whose lives have been forever impacted by your support of the 2014 matching grant, thank you.

You continue to make a difference in the lives of orphan children who depend on you each day. They appreciate you very much!

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