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We Thank God for People Like You

photo showing Alcyon holding MariaFor over three decades, Alcyon Fleck wrote faithfully to you. She knew you made this ministry for orphan children possible. Any accomplishments she experienced were directly related to your ongoing support.

Alycon regularly wrote for the Que Pasa about her experiences with children who touched her heart. This story shows the difference you made for a little girl at the El Oasis Children's Village in Mexico. The story was published in April 2005. In memory of Alcyon and her husband, Ken—our beloved founders—we're pleased to share this excerpt with you.

A number of the children came to see us in the living area of house one… A little girl crawled up on my lap, and I noticed that Sharon had her arms full of children too. They sang songs for us, and Ken played some games with them. Soon they were all called back to their individual homes. Then one of the aunts, who is a helper in the homes, came and told us to come over to the volunteer center. As we drove up no one else was in sight. But when we opened the door, the room was full of children, house parents and other staff. They all yelled, “Surprise!” They had a special program and party for us…

The same little girl who had been on my lap at the house, found me again, and stayed with me through the whole program, except when she had to perform. As the program went on, she fell asleep in my arms. It was an interesting experience which I don't remember having before in all of my times with the children. In her sleep she kept trying to get closer and closer, reaching out to me with her arms. That little girl reminded me again of the desperate need these little children have for love and security. Awake, she was vivacious and happy, but, in her sleep, the old feeling of the need for a mother and love was still there. I don't know what had happened to that little girl to bring her to us, but every child that comes has had a devastating experience of loss or abandonment or rejection…

We thank God for people like you who have a heart for hurting children. I wish that each of you could sit and hold one of these precious children and you would agree with us that it is worth everything it has cost, the struggling years at the beginning with anxious times when we prayed for enough money each month to feed them all. We are still praying those same prayers today as we strive to continue to raise the funds that it takes to care for these precious lives. The results and the rewards are beyond our imagination. I can't wait to see them in Heaven – hundreds and hundreds of children who have learned to know the God who helped us make all this possible.

God bless each one of you for your part in making it all possible.

With our love,

Editor's Note: If you'd like to give a gift to help children in honor of Alcyon, please do it in today! Give your gift online at our secure donation page that is just for “Alcyon’s Angel Fund.” Thank you!

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