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President’s Note

Chart showing current amount of donations to the matching fundAs many of you know by now, my mother, Alcyon Fleck, passed away on Memorial Day. Next month we’ll share about her life and the impact she has had on the lives of orphan children. But you’re part of our family. I wanted to let you know of her passing, and that you can find more information online at

Alcyon was affectionately known throughout the ICC family as “Mommy Fleck.” During the past 38 years, thousands of orphan children have had the opportunity for a new life as a result of her efforts to start and sustain this ministry.

Up until the end, Alcyon was deeply interested in the wellbeing of the children. She especially believed that food plays a significant role in the development and security of a child. She insisted that food should not be withheld from a child as a form of discipline.

Several years ago, we established the Alcyon Angel Fund in honor of my mother. This fund recognizes how important it is for the children to receive the basic elements of care on a consistent basis. Donors who give to this fund help to ensure that there is nutritious food on the table for the children. This is especially important during the “hungry season” when there typically is barely enough food. This was important to Alcyon.

Today there is sadness throughout the ICC family as staff and children mourn the loss of Mommy Fleck. She was an advocate for the children. Though her influence will continue, her presence and enthusiasm will be missed. I will miss her as well, for she was my “mommy,” too!

I also want to take a moment to say Thank You to you. Every single donation you’ve made brought joy to Mommy Fleck because she knew that children would be able to eat.

Thank you.

In Loving Service for His Kids,

Rick Fleck

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