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Jose Agosto Visits El Salvador

The children in El Salvador are doing well.

This past February I had the pleasure of visiting the Hogar Escuela Adventista project in El Salvador. I was impressed with the cleanliness and beauty of the campus. I was also impressed by the work being done at this project.

I was pleased when I found the children in good health and great spirits. Our house parents work day in and day out to mold our children and young people into God’s image. Through them God is shaping the lives of “His Kids” in El Salvador.

Our farm in El Salvador needs rebuilding.

The farming industry at Hogar Escuela Adventista’s is a vital source of food, training and income. Greenhouses are a key part of this program. They are used to grow food for the families. They are also used to teach farming skills.

We have a serious problem in that the greenhouses have grown old. The materials used to build them are breaking down. Heat damage to the growing plants is a serious problem. The plants are suffering from too much sunlight.

We need to do two things right away.

First, cover the greenhouses with a UV/PE knitted shade cloth. This will prevent the sun from damaging the young plants. The current material used for the greenhouse roofs allows too much sunlight to reach the plants.

Second, replace the drip irrigation system. Years of exposure to the sun and Central American climate has damaged the current irrigation system beyond repair.

Upgrading the greenhouse roofs and the drip irrigation systems will cost $5,000.

Without these much-needed upgrades the greenhouses will become unusable. The food grown in the greenhouses feeds our families. The cost of upgrades does not compare to the long-term costs of having to purchase food that is currently grown on campus.

Your support will make a significant difference for our children in El Salvador. Please make a donation today! On our secure donation page choose “El Salvador” as your category and type “greenhouses” in the comments.

On behalf of the children of Hogar Escuela Adventista, thank you so much for helping to provide food and character-building training for “His Kids” in El Salvador.

Jose Agosto
Public Relations Director — ICC

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