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Blessed To Give

Giving is an important part of living. The children at the Hogar Escuela Adventista (HEA) children’s village in El Salvador have received so much from sponsors and donors.

However, it warms our hearts to see that they also express a spirit of unselfish giving to others not as fortunate as they are.

Maria* is one of the girls at the HEA children’s village. She was inspired by a television program called “Toys for Smiles.” During the Christmas season, people were encouraged to donate items that would be given to those in need. These gifts of love would generate many smiles. Maria thought to herself, “Hey, we should do that.”

Maria found several other children to join her and also received help from the HEA doctor. They decided to make a special presentation to all the children and staff at the children’s village. The village director, Jesús Flamenco, thought that the idea was very interesting. However, he doubted it would work. “I didn’t think there would be anything to give,” he recalled.

After the announcement was made in the church things just started to arrive. Children brought in clothes they weren’t using and toys they may have been saving or holding on to. The items came in only from the children and staff of HEA plus a few extra things that were in the warehouse.

When it was all collected, there was more than enough to give out in the community. In fact, arrangements were made to go out twice. Jesús said later, “I was surprised by the outpouring of gifts.”

The HEA doctor is on several committees in the village. He spread the word within the community that there would be a special event. His message was simple, “We exist and we have something for you.” The doctor also purchased some piñatas, and the children prepared for a party at both locations.

As you can see from the happy smiles on the faces, the events were very successful. Maria and the other HEA children learned a valuable lesson that the Bible teaches— “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

*Maria is not her real name. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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