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November 2014

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You Are The Difference
The changing colors of the leaves once again remind us that another year draws to a close. The colors also signal the most important months for nonprofit fundraising.

Significant portions of ICC’s donations are received during the weeks encompassing late fall through Christmas and New Year’s.

Your support is even more vital for the children during these final weeks of 2014. A special message showing just how much you are needed can be found at the following link!

See how vital you are! >

photo of Jose Agusto new PR director for ICC ©Ken Wilson 2014

ICC’s New Director Of Public Relations
As of November 3rd, Pastor Jose Agosto has started as ICC’s public relations director. We are very happy to have Jose join our staff here in Vancouver, WA.

Jose comes to ICC by way of Bandon, OR, where he spent a number of years serving as pastor to the Coquille and Bandon SDA churches.

Jose hails from Puerto Rico, is married to the lovely Zinia, and has two daughters as well as a granddaughter. Please help us welcome Jose and his family to the ICC family.

photo illustration of a crapped-out toyota van

Fred Flintstone Would Feel At Home
Remember how Fred Flintstone would propel his rock-wheeled vehicle with his feet? Well, we have a van at Las Palmas with similar capabilities.

I’m sure you would agree that a van with holes in the floor large enough for your entire leg is not a good thing. Especially since it has to be used to transport children!

You can solve this ‘prehistoric’ problem by contributing to a matching-grant fund to replace this exhausted car. I think 414,660 miles is enough for one van, don’t you?

Get the details at the following link. Help us retire this vehicular fossil and establish a new age of safe transportation at Las Palmas.

Learn how you can help us get a usable van >

Image of November 2014 Gleaner Ad

Telling The ICC Story Nationwide
Using regional and national magazine ads, ICC is telling the story of our ministry to a greater number of people. The current vehicles for this outreach are the “Gleaner,” the monthly news magazine of the North Pacific Union Conference of the SDA Church and the “Review,” a national magazine published by the SDA denomination.

If you do not receive the “Gleaner” but would like to see the full-size version of the current ad, use the following link. You’ll find the ad on page 47.

See ICC’s Current Gleaner ad here >

We truly appreciate your support of “His Kids.” Each ad includes a special web address where you can make online donations that will help ICC provide homes and families for even more children. Use the following link to make a donation today!

Special Gleaner ad donation page >

An illustration of a scarf-clad postal carrier delivering mail in the fall as leaves swirl in the chilly wind

What’s In This Month’s Qué Pasa?
In the November 2014 Qué Pasa, Kent Greve writes a personal message about a letter we received from Félix, the administrator of our children’s village in Nicaragua. Following is an excerpt:

“At ICC we have a passion for creating and sustaining families for orphaned and vulnerable children. We are thankful that you have joined us in this ministry as well. If it wasn’t for your generous and even sacrificial support where would these children be?…”

You can read both letters and much more in the November 2014 Qué Pasa!

How would you like to get a digital copy of the November 2014 Qué Pasa? One that you can read on your computer, tablet or smart phone? Click on the following link and you’ll be able read the Qué Pasa in PDF form. Enjoy!

Download the November 2014 Qué Pasa >

ICC Logo None of this work would be possible without those who have committed their efforts to saving and changing the lives of “His Kids.” The children of ICC want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts for making a difference in their lives.

Occasionally when we call for funds for a specific need we receive more in donations than we requested. In those instances when we have received more money than we solicited, those funds will be placed in “Alcyon’s Angel Fund.”

A photo of the 35th anniversary Christmas ornaments with the ICC logo

Limited Christmas Gift Items!
We have very limited quantities of our Christmas ornaments on hand. Once those that we do have are spoken for, no more ornaments will be available. If you wish to purchase an ornament, do so quickly!

Plus, and most important, the children of ICC will benefit from any and all of your purchases. Please make your order from our online catalog today!

Peruse our catalog and support our kids!

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Watch ICC Videos On Our Website
You may now view a number of ICC's videos on our website. So please take a few minutes and watch one, or several, of our videos!

Enjoy our videos on our website >

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ICC Engages In Social Media
ICC has both a Facebook page and a blog. We would really appreciate your ‘Liking’ our Facebook page and becoming a regular reader of our blog. You may also subscribe to our blog through an RSS feed. The following links will take you to the appropriate online destinations.

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