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Modern Miracle For An ICC Child

Chart showing current amount of donations to the matching fund“We didn’t have a dad, and one night my mommy’s sister beat her over the head with a piece of wood until mommy’s mind quit working.”

These were the devastating words of a young girl who lived in one of our children’s villages, who through buckets of tears, told me her story.

Marina told me how the Federal Police came to their home and took Marina, her sister and little brother away to a holding area for orphaned or abandoned children. She told me how in the process of finding places for the children to live, she and her sister were separated from their brother.

The government told Marina that it was too hard to find a place that had room for both she and her sister, let alone adding a little boy. “That would be too many mouths to feed;” they said. This is why Marina and her sister came to live in an ICC Children’s Village.

As her shoulders shook and her tears washed over my arms, Marina said to me; “Please help me find my brother Miguel, I love and miss him so much, please, please, help me.” As I fought back my own tears, I told Marina that I knew of someone who could help more than anyone else and that was Jesus.

So Marina and I knelt down and prayed that Jesus would somehow help us find Miguel in that great big country. That night lasted forever as I wrestled with the thoughts of how to find this young boy in as large a country as that.

The next day, the administrator of the children’s village drove to the city to pick up two new girls who were waiting to come to live in the ICC Village. Everyone from the campus gathered in a small building to greet the new girls when they arrived.

As the little van drove up in front of the building, the administrator got out and announced that he was so sorry, but by the time he had arrived, the girls had already been given to another orphanage.

He told us that he felt so bad that the staff at the children’s services department told him, “Please wait, we might have someone that just came in from another location that needs a home.”

So the administrator opened the door of the van and a little boy stepped out. “Miguel, my brother!” Marina screamed, her tears soaking the dry ground. Her feet seemed to fly over the dirt as she ran to embrace her little brother standing at the van door.

I can tell you that the tears flowed not just from Marina that day, but from every eye as we witnessed a miracle of love from Jesus for this child. In the Bible, Jesus tells us that He is “the Father of the fatherless.” There is no more precious gift for The Father than to see His children come home.

This story is told by Doug Congleton, ICC’s executive director.

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