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Chart showing current amount of donations to the matching fundICC’s children are rarely blessed with a matching grant. When a matching grant is made, we strive to take full advantage of the opportunity.

We’ve received a matching grant proposal of $200,000. Most importantly, this grant and its supporting donations directly sustain “Alcyon’s Angel Fund 2014.”

“Alcyon’s Angel Fund 2014” is the last line of defense against project budgets falling short. When needed, “Angel Funds” are sent to “rescue” project budgets ensuring the basic needs of the children.

Sponsorships do not cover entirely the expenses of many of ICC’s projects. The “Angel Fund” is the last, best hope for wholly funding the monthly budgets.

We ask that you not steer your recurring donations towards this grant. This grant is intended for “New Money” not given as a regular monthly donation.

The anonymous donors of this grant are challenging us. Their wish is to inspire you to send an extra-ordinary donation to fund this grant. Your donation will build “Alcyon’s Angel Fund 2014” and provide something very special for the children!

We will show the funding progress each month with an illustrated ‘barometer.’ When the necessary contributions have been made the children will receive the matching funds.

Once you choose to engage in this call to action; you may phone our home office, mail your donation to ICC or give online. Be sure to let us know that you are answering the challenge for “New Money” for the children of ICC.

We are accepting pledges for this challenge. If you do not have the extra funds today, please contact our office and make a pledge that can fulfilled by August 31st, 2014.

This challenge is simple. Your gift of love will be doubled! That is a 100% return on your donation! We are sure the result of your gift will culminate in lives changed for Jesus.

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