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Education Saves Lives. Really!


Imagine living in a world where crime and chronic poverty are the only life you know. At a very young age you learn that in this world not everybody makes it—only the toughest and the smartest do. Your school is the street and in order to survive you have to learn the best practices and learn them very quickly, it’s your only chance for survival.

There isn’t much tolerance for love and kindness or loyalty in this world, so you learn to be tough and ruthless. Then one day you are transported to a strange place where crime and abuse are “not cool;” where respect and compassion are valued, and love and kindness are a virtue.

You also make a new friend, His name is Jesus, you learn to talk to Him and you begin to tell him how you REALLY feel. The more you learn about Him the more excited you get, then you begin to dream. You still remember the world you came from and the thought causes goose bumps, and you are ever glad it is only a memory. Now you dream of a better world, and you know you don’t ever want to go back.

Pursuing a dream

That is the experience for most of the children who find refuge in an ICC children’s village today.

More than 4,000 children have walked away from a world of crime and chronic poverty through the education programs offered at the ICC children’s villages.

Those once-abandoned children now serve their countries and their churches as respectable professional men and women; no longer abandoned orphans living in a dark alley but as children of the King serving others and bringing them to the knowledge of Jesus.

Would you help them?

One young man said to me one day, “If Jesus had not pulled me out from where I was, it would not be safe for you to be near me today.” That young man is now a church pastor.

Unfortunately due to financial hardship, the education program for all these children is in deep trouble and unless the Lord performs a miracle, there will no longer be a dream of post-secondary education for all those kids graduating from high school.

After learning about the background of these children and realizing how far they have come, it is very disturbing to consider the possibility of having to end their dreams for an education, but that is the reality they are facing, unless the Lord performs a miracle very quickly. At this point only a miracle can save their program.

My question to you today is; would you be willing to let the Lord use you to be part of that miracle? Education is the most powerful tool in the war against poverty and crime. Would you be willing to help the kids conquer their foe and become the productive, honorable citizens heaven meant them to be? I pray you will give serious consideration to the prayer of these children.

In His service,

Joel Reyes
Director of Public Relations

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