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Photo Essay: Container Arrives In Congo

We’ve received the first few of the photos from ICC Congo showing the arrival and unloading of the container. Désiré Murhima, the ICC-Congo project administrator, sent these photos so you could see that the container had made it to its destination. Désiré also sent his thanks to all of you for your kind generosity to the children of Patmos.

Next month we will bring you more photos (as of press time, we’re still waiting for them to arrive) and further exerpts from Désiré’s letter.

“Friday, 20 June, 2014 was an extraordinary and memorable day different from other days because the grace and power of God have been exhibited. That day, the container spent the night inside the fence of ICC-PROLASA offices. [On] Sunday morning, the container was taken [to] the offices of ICC-Congo. Both the staff of ICC-PROLASA, as well as our children from Goma, [had been told] one week before [about] the unloading of the container.

“[E]verybody partook in [the] task [of unloading the container] with commitment and joy because the container has been awaited for many months. Since we did not have enough space to [store] the contents of the container, we rented three vehicles… to get the goods down the harbor.

“In the name of Patmos Children’s Village, I present my sincere thanks and gratefulness of the charity manifested by the American donors towards us. May God provide you with abundant richness, good health, peace of mind and the Kingdom.”

Désiré Murhima,
ICC Congo project administrator

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