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Best Laid Plans

doug congleton and joel reyes place a sign in the patmos container with greetings from the ICC HQ staff“With all the delays and challenges with this container, we started to say, “Okay, what’s next?…”

There are times when it is not a simple thing to benefit others. What in theory and idea seems easy to do can become complicated and stressful when plans made are not the same as plans achieved.

This has been our experience over the last year as we’ve attempted to send a shipping container to the Patmos Children’s village in the DR Congo.

Patmos is tucked away on the Island of Idjwi where the children have a safe haven far removed from civil war and strife. However, because of its remote location and the hardships experienced in the DR Congo, basic supplies and necessities are difficult to obtain. There just isn’t a local Walmart or supermarket from which to purchase all that the children need.

We successfully sent a container to the DR Congo in the past and counted on the generosity of ICC supporters to make another shipment possible. While the idea was simple enough, and you, our faithful supporters, came through in fine fashion, this particular shipment became an exercise in patience and perseverance. Things such as meeting foreign customs regulations and the availability of containers became hurdles which took weeks and even months to overcome.

Once we were able to rent a container and secure its berth aboard a vessel, the weather itself became a factor. This delayed delivery of the container to our office in Vancouver, WA. With all the delays and challenges with this container, we started to say, “Okay, what’s next?”

However, though we were challenged, we didn’t give up. We realized that many of you had worked very hard to provide the precious cargo.

Once the container arrived, our preparation paid off. The ICC team loaded it in just two days. We met the shipping deadline and, as you read this, the container is on its way to the Patmos Children’s Village.

Wouldn’t you love to be there when those big doors swing open and the supplies are unloaded? No doubt the children will sing and dance and shout for joy when they see all the wonderful supplies you have sent them. We look forward to receiving a report and pictures that we can share with you in the near future.

On behalf of the children, we say thank you to all who prayed for and contributed to this container—whether with funds or by donating items. Your involvement helps to meet the needs of the children. That appears to be one of heaven’s “best laid plans,” for as we do unto the “least of these,” we are doing it as unto God Himself.

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