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How Many Children?

the eyes of christmasWe wanted to share with you the following information so that you will know just how many children are in each children’s village today.”

Patmos Island Children’s Village
Democratic Republic of Congo
We currently have 156 children living in our Patmos Island Children’s Village residing in 9 homes that have been completed. We were blessed to have added 14 new children into this village over the past year. These were children who would have perished without the help of our ICC Family. Praise God for His leading in providing these lives with the opportunity to know Him!

Las Palmas Children’s Village (The Palms)
Dominican Republic
There are 68 children living in 6 homes in our Dominican Family on this island. We have also been able to add new children to this village and these new children are thriving in the love and hope that our ICC Village provides them.

Hogar de Nino’s El Paraiso Children’s Village
(Paradise Homes for Children)
El Salvador
68 children currently reside in 5 different homes in our El Salvador Children’s Village. Our house parents were blessed to be able to attend training seminars in parenting for the orphaned children they create families for. This has been such a blessing to all on the campus.

Los Pinos Children’s Village (The Pines)
We are blessed to have 77 thriving young people living on this campus. We have been able to add 14 new children to The Los Pinos Village this past year, and what a blessing they have been! These children are so excited to be a part of our ICC Family!

Dews Sweet Home Children’s Village
We Have 79 children living in 5 homes on our campus in India. Most of our children are older young people on this campus and are finding paths to their own lives down the road. They are taking classes in numerous areas and vocations for their future. One of those areas is nursing, and one of our young men just graduated this past year with his nursing degree, and he received a scholarship from an individual to attend medical school in The Philippines. What a blessing!

El Oasis Children’s Village (The Oasis)
El Oasis has 37 children living in 4 different homes on the campus. One of our young girls was blessed this year to have Loma Linda Medical Center donate all medical costs to her in order to have a curvature of her spine corrected. She has grown 2 inches in height due to this surgery! One of our donors also provided all of the extra costs that were experienced with this situation. We are so grateful to Loma Linda and this special donor for truly changing the life of this little girl!

Fuente de Vida Children’s Village (Fount of Life)
Our newest campus has 17 children living in 2 different homes now in Nicaragua. This campus is still under construction and our administrator there has been busy establishing industries that are contributing to the monthly budget there. As of today, these industries are contributing 15-20% of their own monthly budget. Praise God for this blessing!

Luire si Camin Pentru Copii Children’s Village
(Love and Home for Children)
We are blessed to have 26 children currently living in this project with 3 homes completed. The abandonment of babies continues to be a difficult one in Romania, and our project here has been truly blessed by receiving numerous children from this tragic situation. These children are now growing up to be wonderful young people. We have been establishing a bakery on this campus with tremendous help from our European ICC Family. We are so grateful to them for taking this children’s village under their wing and working to help it become what God wants it to be!

We have 15 children in our care in Columbia living in various homes where they are loved and taken care of as family by numerous amazing Christian families.

We have 3 children in one home with one set of house parents who serve as the mom and dad to our children there. Our ICC Family is assisting this family of children in order for them to be able to become independent in life. Our youngest of the children living here is in the last or their secondary education.

The ICC Children’s Villages in the Asia/Pacific region are supervised by the ICC Australia Office. News updates for these projects can be found at—

God bless each one of you as you continue to provide hope for the futures of hundreds of orphaned and/or abandoned children who need that support so desperately. The children are and forever will be grateful to all of you for what you do for them on a daily basis as they look forward in hope to this New Year!

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