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The Eyes of Christmas

the eyes of christmasI have seen the eyes of tiny children when they first arrive from devastating situations. Those little eyes are empty and hollow, seemingly without color.”

As this year is coming to an end, I think of the winding road that we have traveled in the past here at ICC. There have been so many unexpected twists and turns that have taken place that it makes me realize even more that this earth can’t go on much longer.

We have witnessed the disasters of the past that have hit in so many places on this world of ours. We have done our best here at ICC to weather what those disasters have brought with them in terms of financial changes for us. We know that these difficulties are not over for any of us, but through all of this, God has miraculously provided for “His kids” through you, His children.

I sent out a letter asking for prayers and financial help earlier this year. Many of you answered that request. Because of you, the projects of ICC still stand in the midst of all of this uncertainty. Sure, there will still be storms to face, but we have a strong faith that this is God’s work for His children, and He won’t let them down.

We believe in our ICC family. We believe that you have the same desire that each one of us has in serving Jesus through taking care of His children. This belief gives each one of us a hope that reaches beyond our imaginations.

As I have visited some of our ICC projects, the one thing that has made the strongest personal impression in my life has been the eyes of the children that live in our children’s villages. I have seen the eyes of tiny children when they first arrive from devastating situations. Those little eyes are empty and hollow, seemingly without color. Those little eyes are so difficult for me to look into.

Then there are the eyes of the children after they have been living in one of the projects for a few months. Those little eyes are ones of wonder, starting to realize that for some reason they do have a place where they can have three meals a day, a bed on which to lay their heads, and clothes to wear so they can weather the storms that may come.

And finally, miraculously, there are the eyes of those who have been living in one of our projects for some time, that now know of the tremendous love that is there for them to experience, a love that reaches beyond all boundaries and now provides them with a hope for their futures, a hope that would never have been theirs were it not for our loving ICC family.

These are the eyes that are truly amazing to me! To witness such a change in a child’s eyes is a feeling that burns itself deep into one’s soul, and something that is never forgotten. These are the eyes that have changed my life in a profound way.

This Christmas, because of you, these children will hear of the story of Baby Jesus and why He loved each one of them so much that He gave His own life to take their place. Because of your gifts of love, these special children will feel a warmth in their hearts that many of them have never experienced before.

But most important to me this Christmas, those little eyes will now see that their lives are not only saved on this earth because of you, but they have the opportunity for the gift of Salvation through Jesus that will save them for eternity.

Those are the eyes that I am so anxious to see in the Kingdom. Those are the eyes that will look up at you, and you will instantly know why Jesus has a place for each one of them. Those are the reflections in the eyes of Christmas at ICC this year that each one of you can be so thankful to have been a part of.

God bless you all this Christmas for everything that you have done, and all that you will continue to do to bring love and hope to the eyes of “His kids.”

In Grateful Service for “His Kids,”

Doug Congleton
Executive Director ICC

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