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How Would You Feel?

photo of adult and child walking together“In fact, a great part of the town is no longer supplied [with] water and the situation is [getting] worse and worse.”

How would you feel if your home was surrounded by such severe political and societal instability that you had no assurance that anything you knew today would be the same tomorrow? In fact, what if this situation were so bad that all you really knew was that by tomorrow things would be worse?

Living in such conditions is not a hypothetical situation but a reality for our families at our Patmos Children’s Village in the DR Congo. A recent letter from our director for ICC Congo, Désiré Murhima, outlines just how difficult the situation surrounding our children’s village has become. Following is an excerpt from Désiré’s letter:

“14 to 15 July 2013 — [Overnight] the security situation in Goma town has [become] very bad. This morning there’s no movement of people and vehicles. All the offices are locked up and the road leading from Masisi to Rutchuru, which the trucks and Lorries use to supply the town in food, is inaccessible. In fact, a great part of the town is no longer supplied [with] water and the situation is [getting] worse and worse. Also, do please intensively pray for us.”

We realize that as of late we have been dedicating a significant portion of our communications efforts to the situation in the DR Congo. Please understand that conditions there are extremely difficult and we are—as we know you are as well—deeply concerned for the health and safety of our children living there. As circumstances there do change with great frequency we want to insure that you are aware of how things stand for our children.

The availability of such basic staples as food and water is never assured in Goma. Which means that things we take for granted like easy access to food and water can be very difficult for our staff in the DR Congo. As always we are in need of your help.

As you may have read in the other article included in this newsletter we are sending a shipping container of vital supplies to our Patmos Children’s Village. You could certainly contribute to that effort as a way of helping our children. Sponsoring a child or making a donation to ICC would also be a great help to our ministry.

Most importantly, please do as Désiré requests and “intensively pray for us.” Thanks for all you do for “His Kids.”

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