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June 2013

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Sponsors Speak—Mandy’s Story
One of the very special benefits of being a sponsor through ICC is the privilege of seeing your child grow to become an adult. Mandy tells how that experience has affected her life.

Please consider becoming a sponsor and including one or two or more of ICC's children in your family. Reading Mandy’s story of her continuing involvement should show you how vital is your participation.

Read the Mandy’s story of her growing family >

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The Value of Sponsorship
We so deeply appreciate those who give of themselves to sponsor ICC’s children. Without their support, and the support of all our ICC family, this ministry would literally not exist.

Recently, Doug Congleton, ICC’s executive director, had a very interesting phone conversation with one of our sponsors. The story of this exchange personifies the value of our sponsors.

Read about Doug’s phone call here >

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Breaking News—Renewed Fighting In DRC
Insurrection militias are once again attacking the city of Goma in the DR Congo. Within the past ten days bombs have fallen and gunfire can be heard in Goma. Roads are blocked and food is in scarce supply.

This has directly effected our children in the DR Congo. Désiré Murhima, our director for ICC Congo, has sent us details of the current situation.

Read Désiré’s account of the events >

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Chance Meeting Leads To Rotary Club
Has an encounter unrelated to your current purpose resulted in an unforeseen opportunity to tell others about your passion? Suffice it to say, when you’re part of ICC, you’re never more than a simple question away from informing others about “His Kids.”

One such encounter led to an invitation for Joel Reyes (pictured at left), ICC’s public relations director, to present the story and mission of ICC to the Clackamas County chapter of the Rotary Club of Oregon. Joel was able to tell a whole new audience about the global ministry that is ICC.

Thanks to Laura Edmonds and Edward Hacmac for the kind invitation to tell our story to the Rotary members.

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ICC’s Online Gift Catalog Is Now Open!
ICC now has an online Gift Catalog from which you may directly support your favorite ICC project! Your purchase in June may be from you or as a gift on behalf of a friend.

This online gift catalog is a simple and wonderful way to provide much-needed items for our ICC families. Please take the time to peruse our catalog and support our kids!

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Sponsors, Tell Us Your Stories
We have a recurring feature which is now running in both the Informateur and the Qué Pasa. We are telling stories from our sponsors about how, through ICC, their lives have been personally affected by making one or more of “His Kids” part of their family.

We would love to hear your story. Please tell us about your experience as a sponsor. Send an email or letter to Doug Congleton, ICC’s executive director, relating your personal journey while sponsoring an ICC child.

Send your story to Doug >

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What’s In The Next Qué Pasa?
The June 2013 Qué Pasa brings the final chapter of the story of Hugo as told by ICC’s public relations director, Joel Reyes. This is the third and final installment of Hugo’s story. Following is an excerpt:

“Hugo’s world changed forever the day his father was killed. His mother tried to keep the family together after his murder, but the tragedy had such a dramatic effect on her life, and soon the family was separated. Hugo tried to make sense of what had happened, but answers didn’t come. In his distress he blamed God. ‘Why me Lord? Why my daddy?’”

You can read this third and final installment of Hugo’s story and much more in the June 2013 Qué Pasa. Look for it to be in your mailbox soon!

How would you like to get a digital copy of the June 2013 Qué Pasa? One that you can read on your computer, tablet or smart phone? Click on the following link and you’ll be able read the Qué Pasa in PDF form. Enjoy!

Download June 2013’s Qué Pasa >

ICC Logo None of this work would be possible without those who have committed their efforts to saving and changing the lives of “His Kids.” The children of ICC want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts for making a difference in their lives.

Occasionally when we call for funds for a specific need we receive more in donations than we requested. In those instances when we have received more money than we solicited, those funds will be placed in “Alcyon’s Angel Fund.”

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Seen The Videos On ICC’s Website?
You may now view a number of ICC's videos on our website. So please take a few minutes and watch one, or several, of our videos!

Enjoy our videos on ICC’s website >

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ICC Engages In Social Media
ICC has both a Facebook page and a blog. We would really appreciate your ‘Liking’ our Facebook page and becoming a regular reader of our blog. You may also subscribe to our blog through an RSS feed. The following links will take you to the appropriate online destinations.

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