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The Value Of Sponsorship

photo of adult and child walking together“Wow, I had no idea how much of a difference thirty dollars can really make.”

I always enjoy receiving phone calls from our ICC Family. Many times I get phone calls from our family telling me stories about their sponsored child, or how grateful they are to ICC for continuing on with this amazing work. I love those phone calls.

Recently, I had a phone call from a lady who told me that “I can only afford to give my $30 per month sponsorship, and I know that is not worth much, but it is all I can do right now” These words cut through me like a two-edged sword as I heard her share what she was thinking about this. To know that she felt this way was hard for me, but to know that she was giving all she could touched my heart.

I asked this lady if she would allow me to tell her about her $30 sponsorship, and she consented. I told her a few of the situations that bring these children to an ICC Project. I told her that her money was helping to provide three meals per day, a mom and a dad, a bed to rest in, a Christian education, the opportunity to learn of the gift of salvation.

I told her how our ICC children grow up to become adults in their various countries and they start telling others about the love of Jesus and His free gift of eternal life for each one. I told her of the many baptisms that come each year through God’s love that is shared with others from the contact of ICC young people, and how that has changed so many lives for His kingdom.

When I finished, I then asked her, “Now that you know these things, how much do you really think your $30 sponsorship is worth?” Her first comment was “Wow, I had no idea how much of a difference $30 can really make in this world today.”

Most of us don’t realize this either, we just think that $30 can’t do much, so we don’t make the choice to sponsor a child that needs it so much. Well, I pray that now you too know what a tremendous amount those sponsorships are really worth, and that you understand what an amazing difference they make in this world if we will just reach out, sometimes in faith, and provide them for His children.

When I think about it, I know just what that $30 is worth—

Doug Congleton
Executive Director, ICC Americas

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