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New Children In The DR Congo

Illustration of a person writingThey have arrived! We are excited to report that after much anticipation and prayer, fourteen orphan children have joined our ICC family in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

They are currently being cared for in our former office in Goma while a transition plan is implemented. In time, they will be integrated into homes and families at our Patmos Island Children’s Village on the island of Idjwi.

These children have come from refugee camps which were set up to handle thousands of people who were displaced as a result of the recent conflict between M23 rebels and government forces. These children have suffered much and have had to survive any way they could.

In fact, two children who had been assigned to us died before our director, Désiré, could reach them. One died from malnutrition and the other from diarrhea. Life is fragile indeed in this country ravaged by war, and ICC’s mission to the children of Congo is still very much needed.

Désiré recently sent a report and pictures of the new children. Here is an edited excerpt:

“The children were transported by car to the PROLASA Medical Health Center of Goma for effective medical care by the physician. Since they are with us, they get three meals daily, whereas, according to what they told us, they used to get only one meal per day or just one for the two days.

“Furthermore, they told us that they used to cover themselves with mats and were sleeping on tree leaves in the refugee camps. And sometimes they were sleeping in the forest just like animals without any care.

“Today they are delighted because they can cover themselves with one bed sheet and one blanket each. Some of those children who are over five years old are being schooled in a neighboring Adventist Primary School.

“At night, all of these children tell us many bad and unfortunate stories they have experienced and faced in their previous lives. Those who are eight or ten years old ask us questions to know how long we will assist them, because they wouldn’t like to go back to the refugee camps. They say they were very tired of sleeping in a banana plantation and escaping rebels who were killing, raping people and looting their properties at the same time by force.”

In his update, Désiré also shared that; “these children [urgently] need food, clothing, school fees and medical care.”

Taking in these children has required a step of faith, because the budget for this project is already stretched to the limit even without the addition of these 14 new children. Extra funds are needed to make them fully a part of our ICC family. Can we count on you for help at this time? Perhaps you’d like to sponsor one of these new children. Or maybe you’d consider giving a monthly gift that would be designated specifically for their care. Whatever you can do, please know that you will be making a difference in the life of an orphan child who just a few days ago faced a bleak and dangerous future. Help us to be able to continue to give these children a new life.

Note: Since this is a special situation that has captivated the attention of our ICC family, we will continue sharing reports on these new children as we obtain further information.

Your contribution to our Congo project will give our children that most precious of gifts, a life filled with hope. Please make a life-saving donation today!

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