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Sponsors Speak — Robert’s Story

Illustration of a person writing All it took was a photo and the Holy Spirit to allow my thoughts to say; “Sponsor My child, make him your child.”

I have a son and daughter whom I love, but could I love someone outside my family just as much as someone inside my family? I wanted the answer to be a definite yes. So I sponsored Ruhan* and have been sponsoring [him] for about two years.

Many times, Ruhan wrote to me in English saying that he tries hard in school, misses his family, and loves to sing in church with his friends. Photos and letters show me how much he has grown in size and in Christ. I am so proud of Ruhan, he looks so much happier now.

Someday I would like to visit him in India so I could know him and his “family” even better. After World War II, my mother was an orphan at the age of fourteen in Germany. She and her two sisters “Waltraut and Ursula” had a baby brother two-years-old “Peter” to take care of. It was Christian sponsors in the United States that brought them to the U.S. and gave them love and a new start in life. These sponsors showed love to a lonely orphan.

I feel that any kind [of] effort makes a gigantic difference on someones life. How do you feel when a child embraces you and holds tight? I think my sponsored child Ruhan is embracing me in his thoughts and I am embracing him. But the day we actually embrace, words will not describe the joy, but I will have tears of joy worth a thousand words.

Robert R. 

*The child’s name has been changed to protect their privacy.

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