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Help Our Kids Come Home

Esperanza in the hospital just before her surgeryAs we start a new year, we are very grateful to our Lord for His care, trusting that whatever this new year brings, He will be there to hold our hand. We are very thankful to our Lord for providing for the needs of our children this past year. Our ICC family is big and spreads all over the world including some very perilous places. However, the Lord’s hand has not been short and we have enjoyed His protection and care and we are very grateful for that.

Like any other children, our ICC children enjoy holidays and summer breaks. It is reunion time for those who have to go away to boarding academy or college. Time to come back home and see the brothers and sisters they left behind; time to eat a homemade meal from a mother who has been anxiously awaiting their return.

Our children in Mexico have to leave for both college and boarding academy since there is no high school in the vicinity of our children’s village. Some of them have to travel for up to 60 hours by bus to attend high school or college, and even though traveling by bus in Mexico is much more affordable than flying, it is still an expense that we have to incur for the sake of our children.

In the past project administrators have covered these expenses from the funds allocated to the local project for general operations, however cost of living has jumped exponentially in many countries including Mexico and we have not been able to increase their budget to keep up with their needs. Their budget no longer has the margin to afford the cost of transportation for children wanting to come home for vacation.

A lot of our older children love to come home not only because they enjoy homemade cooking and the love of family but also because they enjoy helping around campus. A lot of work is done when our high school and college children are home. It is a time they dedicate to give a bit back to the place that has given them everything, and to be positive role model for their younger siblings.

We are sharing this situation with you because we know your love and dedication to the children in our Mexico children’s village. With your help we would like to create a traveling budget so that they can come home to the only family they have ever known. Any donation given to this fund will be utilized to provide transportation for our college and academy children in Mexico. Our children will be very happy to know that they will be able to go home.

Thank you for considering this need, and please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance.

May the Lord bless you,

Joel Reyes
Director of Public Relations

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