One Church - One Child Project


The ONE CHURCH – ONE CHURCH PROJECT was launched in November of 2006 as a way to raise awareness among churches across North America.

We have hundreds of children who are not fully sponsored. Some people have not been able to continue sponsoring. We’ve welcomed these children into families and still need to provide for them through their childhood. ICC launched the ONE CHURCH – ONE CHILD PROJECT because we want to provide for these children and save more lives today, and for His kingdom. Thousands of Seventh-day Adventist Christians don’t know about ICC and that we have Seventh-day Adventist schools and churches on or near each campus. Every month we have people from third world countries begging ICC to start a children’s village in their country. We have to say “No,” because we don’t have the funds necessary. It’s a shame! But wait… Jesus is calling us to save His Kids! GOD’S PEOPLE in YOUR CHURCH can help!

If every church congregation could sponsor just one child, then every child in our care would be fully sponsored. Imagine, if every CHURCH cared enough to get involved to save more than ONE CHILD how many lives could be saved!

To find out how your church can get involved click on the links below.

One Church – One Child Info Sheet  

One Church – One Child Poster  

Click here to request more information about getting involved.