Milky's Challenge

Did you know that one quality milk cow produces enough milk to pay for the food for an orphan child?

In the Dominican Republic, there is a ready and steady market for milk. The dairy industry helps provide money to feed orphans. Trucks come to Las Palmas dairy to purchase milk every day except for Sabbath.

Las Palmas children’s village has space for 80 or more children. Milky’s Challenge is to provide for the food needs of the entire Las Palmas campus! One milk cow produces enough money to feed one orphan child. The more self-sustaining the project can be, the more consistent the care is for the children.

You can make a daily difference in the lives of orphan children when you take part in Milky’s Challenge!

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Las Palmas children’s village gives hope and the gift of a new life to orphaned and abandoned children in the Dominican Republic. The village has ten homes and was established in 1982. The campus includes a school, church, and farm.

There are times when the budget at Las Palmas is stretched thin and more resources are needed. A thriving industry, like a dairy, is essential for the children to receive the quality, ongoing care they need. Each cow is purchased pregnant or with a calf for $1,500. That makes the net cost of each cow $750. The ongoing blessing these cows provide for orphans is huge!

Your gift to Milky’s Challenge will make a lasting difference in the lives of orphans. Click the button to make a difference today.

Classrooms are also invited to join in this mission project to fundraise the cost of one cow. Find out more and sign up your classroom by clicking here.