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Monday, November 22nd, 2010
Photo of lightning striking near large tree. ©Travis Hightower. Useage through Creative Commons

©Travis Hightower - Usasge through Creative Commons

We recently received word from Lilly concerning providential care of our children in India. Lilly was indoors when she heard a big bang and saw a frightening flash of light. Lightning had struck a big old tree next to our campus. The tree was uprooted and had fallen across the road. It broke the wall of the school near our property. Power lines were torn down and the tree’s branches were over the children’s village wall, but nothing happened to it. Just a few minutes before the ICC children had returned from special classes. They had just passed where the tree had fallen.

The children’s village was without power for several hours, but we praise God for saving the lives of the children.  As Lily said; “God is great.”

Thanks for reading!

Kent Greve
Director of International Development ICC