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Another Transport to Romania

Friday, January 20th, 2012

On the 22nd of November another transport was loaded for Romania by the ICC office in the Netherlands. Dutch volunteers loaded a Romanian truck with building materials for the bakery. Items included natural stone, special glue for floor tiles and special lighting fixtures for the ceiling. There were three pallets with food and some clothes, toys and furniture.

A photo of the crew who loaded the truck

The crew who loaded the truck and the truck they loaded

The shipment also contained 750 shoe boxes. Each shoe box was filled with school materials and a gift. ICC Romania will give these boxes to the pupils of the elementary schools in the surroundings of the ICC Children Village. ICC Romania will also distribute 220 family boxes with food for the poorest families in their area.

Over the years ICC has developed a lighthouse program to support the needs in their community.

Lambro Triantos
Director of IKN (ICC Netherlands)

Another Shipment of Supplies for Romania

Friday, May 20th, 2011

IKN (ICC Netherlands) has sent another transport this week to Romania. Every year they send two full trucks with relief goods to the ICC Romania children’s village. This time the truck was filled with items like paint, 43 new children bicycles, adult and children’s clothing, CAT work clothing, and two big water tanks for catching rain water.

Paint for Romania

The paint recently shipped to ICC's Romanian project

Rain water collection tanks for ICC's Romanian project.

The rain water collection tanks for ICC's Romanian project.

Also included was roofing material. The ICC Romania Children’s village has a “lighthouse project” that provides assistance in the surrounding village. Around 40% of the people of this village live in extreme poverty. The roofing material will be used to put new roofs on 10 homes. This will be done this summer by a group of ADRA Netherlands volunteers.

Loading the roofing materials onto the truck hauling the shipment of supplies to ICC's project in Romania.

Loading the roofing materials onto the truck

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Lambro Triantos
Director IKN/ICC Netherlands

Supplies for ICC Romania

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

On November the 17th the IKN team and seven volunteers filled a big truck for our children’s village in Romania. During the past few weeks some schools, individuals and companies donated gifts-in-kind for our Romanian campus. IKN received food, school supplies, clothes, toys, building materials and many more items. The largest part of the shipment will be for ICC’s children’s village in Romania. The remaining part (225 boxes for families and 450 boxes for children) will be for the local people of the village near our campus.

IKN staffers and volunteers next the truck they loaded for ICC Romania.

IKN staffers and volunteers with the truck they loaded for ICC Romania.

On the 30th of November ICC Romania will go to the nearby village to give away the family boxes and children’s boxes. The family boxes are filled with all kinds of food and candles and will be donated to 225 families, who need it the most. The children’s boxes contain school supplies, toys and candy for the 450 pupils of the local elementary school.

Interior of the truck loaded by IKN staffers and volunteers with supplies for ICC Romania.

Some of the supplies loaded by IKN staffers and volunteers for shipment to ICC Romania.

A special thanks to TCG East and South BV who sponsored this transport.

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Lambro Triantos
Director IKN

A Story about some Good Friends from Holland

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Here’s a personal message from Félix, our project administrator in Nicaragua.

Back in about 1996, when Angelica and I had a small vegetarian restaurant, we met Dr. Gert Brillenburg from Holland who supported several social projects in the department of Chinandega in Nicaragua. One of those projects was for people with problems with hypertension and diabetes. He asked my wife Angelica to help him by giving some talks on vegetarian cooking and nutrition to people attending his program. Until October of 1998 Angelica helped with that program, but because of Hurricane Mitch in 1998 we got involved in rescuing and helping the people affected by that disaster, and our lives took an unforeseen turn. We had to close our business, and we ended up taking care of the orphan children from Hurricane Mitch in a program that was created with the support of many friends and which is operated by International Children’s Care (ICC) here in Nicaragua in the department of Chinandega and which we now know as Fountain of Life Family Home.

From the start Dr. Brillenburg was one of the people who really believed in this project and has enthusiastically supported it all this time. But not only that, he also invited a couple who are friends of his, Nico and Corry Hooijmaaijer, to support this project as well. And this has resulted in a great blessing for our children’s village, not only because of their great financial support, but also because of the energy and strength that they give us with their words of encouragement, their trust and their friendship both by letters and by a couple of visits they have made – the last one being in April of this year, 2010.

Nico Hooijmaaijer and Dr. Gert Brillenburg

Nico Hooijmaaijer and Dr. Gert Brillenburg

In the past when we built the previous orphanage building, these three Dutch friends helped us with different needs. For example, they provided part of the outside wall of our complex, the garden, and the floor in certain areas. With our new children’s village, they have given for the construction of the dairy building, two cows with calves. And recently Nico and Corry donated a new 4.5 ton truck. A few weeks ago Dr. Brillenburg let us know that he and his wife sent us some money for more cows. They want us to very soon have a functioning dairy.

Truck Donated To ICC Nicaragua By Nico and Corry Hooijmaaijer

Truck Donated to ICC Nicaragua by Nico and Corry Hooijmaaijer

During all these years God has blessed us with many special people like these Dutch people that they could get to know about this project, and he has placed in their hearts the desire to help. This spirit of unconditional love, expecting nothing in return, inspires us and gives us new strength to continue on.

Thanks for allowing us to tell you this story, although it is in simple and short words, about how God has blessed this work through these wonderful people.

Félix Almendarez
ICC Nicaragua Administrator