ICC Korea Update

Kent Greve, ICC’s International Development Director, wrote this report regarding the trip he and Dr. Ottis Edwards took to South Korea to visit the chapter there.  Dr. Edwards serves as the ICC corporate link and supervisor for this chapter.


For those of you who aren’t aware, in Septembrer of 2007 ICC established a chapter in South Korea under the able leadership of Dr. Pyung Il Cho.  Dr. Cho is a retired dentist who also served as director of a health college in Korea.  Ottis and I have been impressed with the rapid development of this chapter and their desire to raise awareness and resources for the benefit of the children of ICC. 

During our visit, Ottis and I were able to meet with the ICC Korea board.  Many of the members are current or former Seventh-day Adventist church pastors or workers.  I was impressed with the quality of gentlmen present at the meeting and the enthusiastic discussion that took place.

One of the most importnat aspects of this visit to Korea was to work on submitting funding requests to the Korean government.  In all, four requests were submitted in behalf of the ICC projects in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Congo and El Salvador.  Each request was for $150,000.  If they are accepted, what a huge blessing it would be for ICC’s children.  We will hopefully know the outcome by January.

ICC Korea Board

ICC Korea Board

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