New Residents at ICC Nicaragua Farm

Thanks to recent donations, the Fountain of Life ICC Children’s Village in Nicaragua has been able to increase the size of its dairy herd. Currently there are nine cows giving milk and ten heifers that will be giving birth in about eighteen months. The milk cows have given birth to six calves. That makes a total of twenty-five cows with the potential of ten others on the way.

One of the new new cows at the ICC Nicaragua farm

One of the new cows at the ICC Nicaragua farm.

The September 2010 edition of ICC’s Que Pasa Newsletter features a personal message from Rick Fleck that tells of the blessing this dairy is to our children and the local community. A copy of that Que Pasa can be found here.

In addition to the dairy herd, the Fountain of Life Children’s Village is also raising chickens. In total there are seventy-seven chickens. These include sixty-one hens, four roosters, and twelve chicks. Eggs from the chickens provide food for our children and any excess can be sold.

Chickens from the ICC Nicaragua farm

Some of the new chickens at the ICC Nicaragua Farm.

What a blessing it is to have a growing number of animals on this campus. As well as providing milk and eggs for the children and community, they provide a small source of revenue and allow some of the children to learn animal husbandry.

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Kent Greve
Int’l Development Director ICC

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