Second ICC Belgium Spaghetti Day a Big Success

Following is report of the benefit held by the ICC Belgium Chapter.

October 5th the big day had arrived again: Spaghetti Day. Everything was prepared very nicely: publicity and invitations were sent out.

We learned from last year and made it even more cozier and pleasant. We had a lot of helpers. Young and less young joined hands to make this day a success. The room was set up very nicely and the tables looked very inviting to and for the visitors. Our kitchen wizard, Wim, had made a lot of preparations, together with the brother-in-law of our ICC-Belgium president. Wim had to rehabilitate from a knee injury, but nothing could stop him to be present in the kitchen.

We were hoping for lots of people to come, and they came. People from the neighborhood committee reserved a lot of places, and from the Netherlands a very nice delegation arrived also. They came for the second year in a row because they think that ‘Wim’s spaghetti’ is the best! A lot of visitors from last year also made publicity, and the room was quickly filled up. The spaghetti tasted very good, and the atmosphere was very pleasant.

ICC Belgium has done it again. See you all next year!

This Spaghetti Day was for the children of the ‘Patmos Children’s Village’ in Congo and ICC Belgium made a profit of 760 euro for this project.

From a very cooperative volunteer

Spaghetti Fest

Spaghetti Fest

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