Project Update – ICC Nicaragua

Here is the latest news from the ICC Fountain of Life Children’s Village in Nicaragua.

  1. The transition from the temporary orphanage to the new children’s village has been completed successfully.  The first set of house parents are doing very well.  The administrators are still looking for a second set of house parents.  Aunts are taking the place of house parents until just the right couple is found.
  2. It is a blessing for the families to be at the children’s village now.  They have been focusing on planting gardens so they will be able to supplement their food budget with things they can grow.  They were not able to do this very well when they lived a distance away.
  3. The project is blessed with an abundance of water from the well.  It is stored in the large water tank on the property.  So far there is plenty of water for crops and for household needs. Right now there is a drought and a lot of people do not have water.
  4. Some Dutch donors who have given funds for the dairy and cheese making industry stopped by the project recently to see how it was doing. They were very happy with what Felix has accomplished and wanted to help again in some way. They wanted to know what was needed the most at the project. Felix told them that he really needed a large truck for hauling material. They asked if he wanted this truck or more cows. He said the truck so they are in the process of buying him one. These donors told him that of all the projects which they support in Nicaragua, he has handled the donations the best. They continue to be excited about the project.
  5. One of the staff members is very knowledgeable in beekeeping. Felix, the project director, has been interested in raising bees and selling honey. With this worker’s expertise they were able to purchase some equipment and catch a few bees around the property to start their first hives. Another friend of Felix’s met a Canadian in Managua who has owned a honey business in Canada and when he heard about what Felix is doing he got really excited and is now planning to help him set up a honey business. He wants to send a container down to the project with supplies and equipment.

Honey Industry begins in Nicaragua

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