Update from the Los Pinos Children’s Village

Here is a collection of news items from the ICC Los Pinos Children’s Village in Guatemala.
  1. The Receiving Center in Guatemala City is currently home to five young people who graduated from ICAP recently.  They are being sponsored by local in-country donors to attend university in Guatemala City.  This is a new development within this project, and ICC is working to establish a management plan for this initiative.
  2. The warehouse at ICC headquarters is bulging with clothing, supplies and equipment ready for transport to Los Pinos.  The plan is to load the container sometime during the third week of April.  The foundation of the first lady of Guatemala will be helping to facilitate the processing of this container so it arrives safely at the Los Pinos campus. Thank-you to all donors who have supported this initiative and please pray for “smooth sailing” until it arrives for the children. 
  3. This project is especially blessed because within the past few months another shipping container safely arrived at the children village.  That container was sent by ICC’s Dutch partner, Stichting Internationale Kinderhulp, and contained items such as chairs for the church, paint, ceramic tile, soap powder, soccer uniforms, toys and multi-vitamins.  Pictures of some of these items are posted below.
  4. Anabela continues to do a wonderful job raising awareness and funding for Los Pinos from within Guatemala.  Her efforts are helping to reduce the amount of funds that ICC partners need to send in support of the operating budget for Los Pinos.  One project of keen interest is the VISA NET program.  In this program, those individuals who have a particular VISA credit card will receive along with their statement a promotional brochure featuring Los Pinos. Included in the brochure is information detailing where they can give a donation.  We are hopeful that this can be an ongoing program once per quarter and that a significant amount of funds can be raised for the children of Los Pinos.
  5. The chicken industry on the campus of Los Pinos continues to develop.  A new flock of chickens will be arriving soon.  Two temporary chicken houses are being built.

New Chairs for Church

Soccer Uniforms

Washing Powder

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