The Birth of a New ICC Organization in Belgium

After some consideration the board of ICC Belgium has decided to establish a separate non-profit organization in order to continue its support of ICC Romania.  This was decided after consultation with ICC Belgium’s accountant. Because Romania is not mentioned on the OESO-list of under developed countries, it would be very difficult for ICC Belgium to be able to give tax deduction receipts for their sponsors and donors. For that reason they decided to create a new nonprofit organization especially for Romania. At the end this year ICC Belgium is planning to do an application, with the help of their accountant, to be able to receive that tax deduction. The name of this new organization is, ICC for Romania vzw.

The members of the board of ICC for Romania are:

  • Ronny Van Dessel – President
  • Tommy Pootemans – Vice-President
  • Jeannine Bormans – Secretary / Treasurer

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