School Runs for Children in Romania

On Thursday, April 1, a school called St Bernardus from Deventer, the Netherlands gave a check worth 5,879.91 Euros ($7,936) to the IKN office.  IKN director, Lambro Triantos, was pleased to recive these funds which will by used for the yearly school program at the ICC children’s village in Romania.

Lambro Receiving Check

This donation was the result of an activity initiated by a teacher named Daan.  He is the operation supervisor at the school, and he is responsible for organizing all kinds of sports activities.  He decided to create a sponsorship run for all the students of the school.  The money raised was designated to help ICC’s children in Romania. 

All 240 students participated in the run.  The average amount each child raised was $33.  The class with the smallest children even raised $40.20 per child.

 For pictures of the sponsor run click here.

The donation check was given to Lambro during the yearly easter celebrations at the school.  On behalf of ICC’s children in Romania, Lambro thanked all the children of the school and their teachers.

Daan and his girlfriend, Ilse, will be joining the IKN mission trip to Romania this summer.  They will be part of a group of volunteers who are working to develop a bakery industry at that project.

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