Pineapple Crop Ready at Las Palmas

Mario Lora with Pineapples

Mario Lora with Pineapples

Mario Lora, Las Palmas business and farm manager sent the following report concering the pineapple crop:

The pineapple project has been excellent as far as production goes. The fruit has been very good quality. But there has been such an abundance of pineapple that in many cases they are paying less than the cost of production, and one has to sell just so they don’t rot. The ones that can’t complain are the ones who live in the Children’s Village. They have been eating pineapple like you could never imagine. They have even been able to eat a whole pineapple for breakfast. But the economic results have been very bad. We just hope we can break even on this project.

The problem with the pineapple is that when it starts to ripen it can’t wait. You can’t wait long to harvest it in order to get a better price. You have to pick it when it is ready. If you don’t, it falls off the plant and rots. It has been a long time since there has been such an abundance of this product. Many farmers have gone under. In our country they aren’t planting in a planned manner. When the pineapple is selling for a good price all the farmers plant pineapple because they think they will make money, but when the harvest comes the price falls, because apparently many people have had the same thought.

We think we can plant some pineapple, but just enough for what we consume in the home, and that can be managed by the personnel in agriculture. Since we have enough seeds, we can plant in phases (different times) and only good seeds, and that way we’ll have first class harvests in more than one time during the year.

Well, I am letting you know about this project, but when the harvest is over we’ll know the final results. Maybe in one or two months the prices will go up, because there will be less pineapple, but we will also have very little. We have harvested about 60% of the fruit.

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